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Key aspects to consider when choosing a 3D printer and the model.

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Mojo QuickPack P430 ABSplus Material, Ivory, 80ci/1311cc 3D print in 9 colors with standard thermoplastic Do more with 3D printing. FDM Technology creates 3D printed parts in production-grade thermoplastics, including ABSplus. ABSplus is affordable,

Our heater bed for Ultimaker 2 was built in a product process with an aluminum plate. The 1.5 mm thick aluminum heater bed with private weight provides a better printing experience. There are many advantages in comparison with other material. The

System of movement h-bot, open knowledge (based on the original design of Juan tendero and redesigned by leon3d and ekamm engineering) heated bed control with LCD electronic thermistor SMD screws standard access door with interior key liluminación Lion PRO 3d is one of the most advanced in the

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DIMENSIONI eastern (LxPxH) 290x325x450 mm peso 14 kg STAMPA technologic di stamp Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)area di stamp (XYZ) 140x130x120 mm (2,20 lit) altezza min. layer 0,05 mm resolution del movement XYZ 0,01 mm, diameter filament 1,75 mm diameter ugello 0,5 mm mono

No mechanical calibration No user maintenance Ready for use Printing Environment closed with working area at a controlled temperature Loading Media without access to the print

Especificaciones Colido X3045 Impresora 3D La impresora 3D más avanzada para profesionales y empresas El referente del sector del mundo de las impresoras 3D será el CoLido X3045. Con su gran volumen de impresión 30L x 30W x 45H cm la convierte en Extra large build size - 11.8″ x 11.8″ x

Announcing the newest addition to the NinjaFlex family, SemiFlex 3D Filament! Just like the original NinjaFlex 3D Filament, SemiFlex material boasts flexibility, strength and reliability for your 3D printing projects. It's also slightly more rigid SemiFlex - 1.75mm Diameter - Semitranslucent White

of the item problem. We will confirm the photos are valid and solve your problem . If you can not offer us detailed videos or valid photos we can not help to solve your problem. Notes: Please read the descriptions carefully and clearly before Please Allow 7-23 Business Days For Delivery Package

3D printer motherboard MKS - BASE V1.2 reference Ramps1.4 compatible 199 Descriptions: all the functionality set on a board, solved the Ramps1.4 combination interface trival, easily out of order. using 4982 as a motor drive, and 4988 performance, using 4982 as a motor drive, and 4988 performance,

Due to its high-grade temperature resistance and its outstanding endurance, this especially resilient ABS filament is mainly used for professional applications. By its toughness and resilience it satisfies even the highest demands. The producing Especially resilient ABS filament (Apple

3D PRINTER, UP BOX; Build Volume:255 x 205 x 205mm (WxHxD); Connectivity:USB; File Input Formats:STL, UP3, UPP; Input Voltage VAC:240VAC; Power Rating:180W; Printer Software:UP! Software; Supported OS:Mac OS, Win XP/Vist •Fully automated platform calibration •Faster printing with higher

How to choose a 3D printer. Key aspects to consider when choosing a 3D printer and the model: Choose the type of printer well: do you prefer flexibility or simplicity? Basically there are two families of 3D desktop printer: those based on open source systems and proprietary technology, which are usually 'ready to print'. The first type are based on reprap technology or similar and are more difficult to use but offer a lot of flexibility: you can basically choose all printing parameters. This gives more freedom to the user but it is not easy to regulate the printer so that the models that are printed are perfect. They tend to be cheaper, especially if they are disassembled and the user has to assemble them, a task that is not easy, although there are short courses where they teach how to do it.

The 'ready to print' printers are more focused on the non-specialized user, who try to ensure a stable print quality and that the experience is as simple as possible. They tend to be more robust and much easier to use, at the expense of allowing only the basic parameters of the printer to be controlled.

There are different types of work material: do you want it ecological or versatile? More new materials are being developed every time, but 90% of the pieces are printed in two materials: ABS and PLA. What difference there are? The PLA is ecological (it is made from corn) but it is more difficult to work (paste, paint, hole, file ...) after printing and degrades over time. ABS is the material from which the Lego pieces are made. It is not ecological but it can be recycled and reused, and it can work well. As it is difficult to paste, in PLA printers the limit of the size of the piece to be printed is marked by the printer. The printers that work with ABS, being able to paste the pieces, are usually smaller. Another detail to keep in mind is that printers that can work with ABS can also work with PLA; but those who work with PLA can not work with ABS. There are printers that can work with material from any manufacturer, and others with proprietary material, forcing the user to buy printer brand material. In this case, the material is usually much more expensive.

What software does the machine carry? A help for printing. The software of the printers does not serve to design (for that they are the programs of design). The function of the software is basically to prepare the piece for printing, and allow to select the part position, the printing speed or the density, among other parameters.

Before buying a specific model of desktop 3D printer it is advisable to find out about the printing software that the machine carries, since there are very complex to very simple. The most appropriate will be the one that best suits the needs and knowledge of the user.

Value print quality: are you looking for precision and detail? It is difficult to compare, as there are many factors that influence the quality of printing. The most important thing is that the three axes (X, Y, Z) are well aligned, therefore a robust printer is recommended, where an accidental blow does not cause misalignment of the axes. The resolution of the Z axis is also important, although from a 0.20mm resolution the differences are not very noticeable. Finally, it is very important that the platform is completely flat when printing, so we recommend that the printer be easy to calibrate. Some brands begin to incorporate the self-calibration function of the platform, which provides an optimal finish of the piece, with a high degree of detail and precision.

The technical service and warranty are very important: assistance with any questions? Being a product with a new technology, it is always good that the printer has the technical service included, to be able to call in case of needing assistance with any doubt or problem.

Manage your expectations regarding noise level and printing times. 3D printing by addition of material is a manufacturing technology where a three-dimensional object is created by depositing successive layers of it. The process consists of melting and extruding an ABS plastic filament, depositing layer by layer until creating the desired object. And this process is not as silent as when a sheet of paper is printed. Desktop 3D printers are usually used at home or in the office, so it is important to consider the noise level when printing. A large piece can take several hours to print so the really large pieces are usually left printing at night. So, especially if the printer will be used at home, we must take into account the noise level that will originate the printing. Although some are as silent and clean as those printed on paper.